• I just want to say thanks to BPB for helping my eight friends from Hofstra and I throw Brad a sick last hoorah. Dan and Juan set us up with the Harmon estate…which was awesome but we decided to switch to the Vista Mar Condos just to be closer to the action and they were cool with it. We had plans for tours, but did basically none due to the insane nightlife. No idea who came over but I’m sure it wasn’t just the Class of 01 from Hofstra that landed in SJ. Bachelor Party Bay treated us like royalty and Dan was insanely helpful. Had a little trouble waiting for the taxi going bird watching but had such a great time anyway. Every night one drink turned into eight drinks, and the rest would ruin Brad’s marriage if I wrote it. Thanks for putting up with us Dan!

    - Frank & Ted
  • Hi Dan, Rich & Melissa
    I just wanted to share a few pictures with you from our charter & say thanks for a great day out on the ocean! We caught 2 roosters, 18 dorado and fought a blue marlin for about 45 minutes. It was a picture perfect day and Capt Junior, Diego & Scooby were awesome! I’ll be back as soon as I can.

  • Hi Dan. Great day of fishing. Jose and Manuel. Of the good day were awesome. Treated us all wry well and got us 7 sailfish in the boat raised and or lost 10 others on the way back stopped at a floating 50 ft log where the Dorado were schooling and were trying to jump in the boat. Pulled in ten plus in about 25 min. Kept six enough supper for all now. The guy from ocean unlimited got in touch with me it's all set up I have to get down there tomorrow for deposits etc. Thanks again. We will probably eat our fish at the Agua azul Restaurant tomorrow. Foods on me. I'll by you a beer or two. Still let Me know if atv is available. Tyler was pretty happy a out his first ever fish caught being a hundred pound sailfish. Great. Thanks again.

    - Ken
  • My buddy Trent was turning 30 so we said fuck it let do something. Trent and 8 of us were undecided between Vegas and Costa Rica. Obviously we rolled with Costa Rica or I wouldn’t be writing this lol. The owners of the Bachelor Party Bay treated us like fucking kings. Dan booked us on the four wheeling, fishing trip and zip lining. Crazy shit everyday. Crazy time on the four wheelers. Got crazy lucky because the beauty contest was rollin in Cocal. Dan was a judge and got us sweet access. On my next vaca days ill definitely be back.

    - Brad
  • Staying in Los Suenos at Casa Oasis was as simple as I made it. The accommodations were elegant and exactly as represented on the website. To be honest I was skeptical booking online but I don’t regret my decision. Dan and Sam were very accommodating regardless of the 50+ emails we exchanged over the course of over a month. I am extremely thorough but they were patient with my requests and preserved the booking through Dan’s assistance. The issue was due to our ignorance of Costa Rica and Latin America. I was concerned with whether or not the water would be clean and how safe we would be at night. Costa Rica is surprisingly safe and I would never think twice about returning. I knew we were in good hands when Jose picked us up at the airport and spoke to us in English and there was no confusion. Worked out beautifully. An immaculate success and would recommend Dan, Sam and Juan to any last blast token bachelor to Costa Rica.

    - Akash
  • I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful trip on March 13th, 2012. The R&J with Victor and his mate were fantastic. They both were very experienced and knew what was going on. We landed 1 Dorado and 4 Sailfish.. Also your assistant Dan was VERY helpful with everything from the ride to the boat to helping us with where to take our catch when we were finished. My friend and I are already trying to l come back and do it again. I will recommend using your services to anyone. GREAT TIME thanks for everything!

    - Mike C. and Dave B.