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Costa Rica Transportation

Costa Ricans aren't the calmest drivers in the world so we advise booking your transportation with us and not handling it on your own. Don't worry about parking and stress out on the crazy roads when we can pick you up at the Airport and bring you where you need to go. Your vacation time is important so don't waste it getting lost or looking for the nearest gas station. Enjoy the natural scenery in our private luxury party buses or private party vans. Whether you decide to travel by private party bus, private limo, private taxi, or private airplane, or for the very adventurous….helicopter. We handle it all. All our drivers and pilots speak perfect English so you don't have to worry about any linguistic problems. Travel in comfort and in style while basking in Costa Rica's beauty.

Party Bus

  • Plush leather seating
  • Nightclub-style mood lighting
  • A flat screen television and powerful audio system
  • Bus is lined with large privacy windows that allow you to get a close-up look at the action outdoors without passersby looking inside.
  • Don’t waste your time in Costa Rica dealing with crazy drivers or trying to read a map as you navigate the narrow roads.
  • We offer airport pick up for your group so that you don’t have to worry about finding alternate transportation for up to 20 of your guests.
see detail book or inquire

Helicopter Rides

  • Ride in style and fly over the traffic from the airport in San Jose directly to Jaco, Los Suenos, or anywhere you want to go
  • Helicopter travel is the solution to visit any site in a matter of minutes
  • Avoid Costa Rica's windy roads and mountains by flying in a helicopter
  • The Helicopter package is for our James Bond go getters who want to ride in style and see Costa Rica like Google Maps does
  • Part of our elite access package
see detail book or inquire

Private Luxury Vans

  • Most of our medium to larger groups select Private vans.
  • Pick you up at the airport and brings you anywhere you want to go
  • Drivers who speak Fluent English
  • CD/DVD Player
  • Adjustable, reclining seats
  • Upon special request rocking sound systems
  • Air-conditioned and spacious vans allow you to travel privately and comfortably
  • 8-30 passenger size vans
  • Why wait for the party to start when you arrive at your destination, pregame it in the van
see detail book or inquire

Private Taxis

  • Drivers who speak Fluent English
  • Picks you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel or mansion
  • Recommended for our smaller Groups
  • Convenient and quick transportation to bring you anywhere you want to go anytime you need to get there
see detail book or inquire

Private Limo Service

  • If you're looking to arrive at your bachelor Pad like a celebrity Limo service is the transportation for you
  • Pick from one of our stretch limousines, SUV Limos, or Upper echelon cars that include Mercedes, Toyota Sequia, and Toyota Prado
  • Personal private transportation with a personal Chauffer
  • Stretch Limousine features include: Climate Control, DVD Video with 10” screen, Tinted windows, Console and mood lighting, Moon roof
  • Power inverter for laptop, Local TV Channels, Fully stocked bar available on request
see detail book or inquire

Airplane service

  • Looking to go from one end of Costa Rica faster then a car? Use our airplane services and achieve special rates through the local companies we use
  • Fly with our partners on Costa Rica's Airplane Charters
  • Fly with the first Airplane Taxi of Costa Rica
  • Fly 21 people at a time
  • Be it a day trip to a Volcano or lunch on the other side of the country you'll be back before dinner using our Airplane charters
see detail book or inquire