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Fad Fishing

Looking for a FAD or seamound as some call it, fishing expedition in one of the hottest areas in the world? Look no further than the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica from Golfito to Jaco! The area boasts a huge range of species to test your skill and expertise with a fabulous backdrop of tropical rainforests, clear blue water and palm fringed sand beaches. You will find nowhere else better for a lifetime experience in the beautiful lush country. FAD fishing is becoming extremely popular in Costa Rica with good reason. Fishing off the Central Pacific coast is very rich in sea life and unlike any other continental slope with the perfect conditions attracting baitfish which in turn bring in the larger predators. You can expect to hook ten or more Marlin per trip at minimum and our client’s attest to much more action!

FAD fishing also known as fish aggregating device are man-made objects that create an artificial ecosystem. FADS are created of varying sized buoys in strategically placed areas to produce the highest volume of catch able fish both predatory and baitfish. In Costa Rica, FADs are located 70-100 miles off shore and anchored on top or off to the side of sea mounts. FAD are used to attract marlin, tuna and mahi-mahi. Buoys or floats are tethered to the ocean floor and the device attracts juvenile fish for protection from predators which in turn attracts larger fish who congregate to feed. FADs are set up on naturally occurring sea mounts that already had good fishing and with great number of bait that gather. It is not uncommon to release up to 20 Marlin per day, all blues and blacks and most over 200 pounds and up to 800 pounds.

Wherein FAD fishing in Costa Rica attracts yellow fin, big eye and skipjack tuna along with dorado and wahoo, you will be awestruck with the Marlin catch that is easily achieved. A trip to the FAD/sea mounts is simply incredible and something that any blue marlin aficionado needs to experience at least once in a lifetime.

There is no season for this type of trip since the FADs hold bait year-round, and you can have a great trip at any time of the year. However more fish are caught and reported during the months of April to November. Peak sailfish season is from December - March and as the sailfish bite is so strong during those months, most captains and charters are focused on day trips and tournaments. Fishing from April to November corresponds with the off season rates in Costa Rica for airlines, accommodations and tours and is well worth the investment to plan your vacation to take advantage of the best bang for your buck with substantial savings and a unforgettable adrenaline sport fishing.

Due to the location of the FADs in the Central Pacific region, at least one night needs to be committed to a fishing excursion to the FADs for achieving the ideal and absolute best experience possible. Generally your charter will leave mid to late afternoon and travel all night prior to your first fishing day. Your charter has full accommodations for sleeping and the friendly crew will provide food and beverages for the entire charter period. Day One, fishing the FADs for blue marlin, sail and marlin. The best fishing in the world! If you choose, fish the FADs a full second day or third day until dark and then head back to the marina for another full night of traveling prior to arriving in the morning. Each charter is customized to each group for the amount of days/nights keeping in mind the goals of those fishing.

As in any day on the water, there is never a guarantee in the sportfishing world. You will need a crew with a great deal of knowledge and skill in FAD fishing and the expertise of the captain is paramount to a successful day. We have the best connections with proven charters who have produced award winning results year after year. Remember Captain Dan Ross’s slogan “|My secret to catching fish … fish where the fish are” and this offers the best possible experience with the highest level of achievement, adrenaline and success. Contact us at www.gofishcostarica.com, 888-326-7677, local cell 8345-8346 and dan@gofishcostarica.com . Each FAD fishing excursion is tailor made to suit each angler keeping in mind skill levels and experience. As always, safety is paramount along with producing the most thrilling experience possible. With over 30 years in sport fishing and 16 years in Costa Rica, Dan is one of the most experienced sport fishing and charter experts in Central America.

Costa Rica translates to “Rich Coast” so it is not surprising that Costa Rica is recognized as one of the world’s top destinations for deep sea and coastal sport fishing. Enjoy fishing at another level, one of the highest achievable for the angler desiring a one of a kind, best experience of a lifetime. This is one for the bucket list!