Tattoo Party on the Beach
Tattoo Party on the Beach
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Tattoo Party on the Beach

Tattoo Party on the Beach

There are many fun ways to celebrate a special occasion in Costa Rica. Some people prefer to rent a sleek limousine and enjoy a few nights out on the town. Others choose to rent mansions, throw pool parties, reserve fishing charters, or spend some time at the spa or golf course. If you’re looking for a party idea that is outside the box, consider a tattoo party on the beach in Costa Rica.

Why Throw a Tattoo Party?

Tattoo Party on the Beach

The latest Pew Research Center survey reveals that 32 percent of Americans have at least one tattoo. Getting inked has risen in popularity over the last few decades and you likely know at least a few people who have tattoos. A tattoo party encourages ink enthusiasts to come together to get a tattoo, whether it be their first or their 30th. Of course, there are some important things to consider when hosting a tattoo party on the beach.

What to Know When Organizing a Tattoo Party

Tattoo Party on the Beach

Throwing a tattoo party differs from throwing your traditional celebration. Not everyone will want to get a tattoo, so you’ll need to be selective when crafting your guest list. Ask friends if they would be interested in attending and participating in getting tattoos as a group. Remind your invitees to avoid last-minute cancellations which could be hard on the artist.

Next, you’ll need to find a reliable, talented artist. When organizing a tattoo party on the beach with Bachelor Party Bay in Costa Rica, we recommend one of the most skilled tattoo artists in the area, Dafne Carolina Perez. Perez has more than 22 years of tattooing experience and offers tattoos in both color and black and white.

Before the party, you’ll want to prepare designs. There are several ways you could approach the design aspect of the party. If you want to make your trip to Costa Rica a memorable one for the group, consider choosing the same design for all attendees.

You can also ask attendees to create their own designs. Be sure to be clear with design requirements, such as the size and complexity of the tattoo. Depending on the length of the party and how many people are in your group, the tattoo artist will likely only have a small timeframe to complete each tattoo.

Tattoo Party at Jaco Beach

Tattoo Party on the Beach

Location is important when hosting a tattoo party. Jaco Beach is a popular destination for these types of celebrations as there is plenty of room for large groups. Jaco is considered one of Costa Rica’s most developed beach towns and offers a relaxing vibe and atmosphere.

Jaco is known for its wild parties and adult-only nighttime activities. The beach spans approximately two miles and consists of amazing surfing waves, deep blue waters, and dark sand. The surrounding lush green landscape provides visitors with scenic views and the tropical weather is lovely year-round.

While choosing a location and artist are the most important elements of a tattoo party, there are also other things to think about. You’ll need to set up a comfortable area for the tattoo artist to work in where she will not be distracted or jostled by the crowd. A secluded area located a short distance away from the main party is ideal. You’ll also want to think about food and music for guests.

Celebrate in Costa Rica with a Tattoo Party

Bachelor Party Bay is Costa Rica’s best destination management company, specializing in group event planning. If you’re looking to have some fun in Costa Rica by throwing a tattoo party on the beach, we can help. Contact Bachelor Party Bay to get started.